Paramis Garden


a piece of art

a piece of art

The Paramis Garden project is located on Niavaran Street - Mojdeh Street.

This project is a type of tower or residential building. A modern project style is used.

The number of floors in this project is 12 floors and the number and type of units in each floor is single and double.

The start and end date of this project: 1400-1399

The manufacturer's name is Paramis Park Group.

The name of the architect is Paramis.

The name of the architect and interior designer, Ms. Engineer Roshank Tehrani - Ms. Farghani Engineer - Ms. Elham Kiaei Engineer

Among the products offered in this project by Avita Group, we can mention wardrobes and closets, unit entrances, interior doors, sinks, kitchen cabinets, wall panels, and pool locks.

The design and ideation of the products was done by the design and creativity team of Avita Group.


Date: 1399



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